Devin Haas is a psychedelic musician with an eclectic writing style. Exploring both traditional and experimental arrangements. With widely varied influences he primarily creates rock, folk, and blues music. Augmented by an understanding of classical harmony, use of the sitar, the hammond organ, synthesizers, blues harp, djembe, am radio etc.. his songs are a truly innovative type of music. Devin puts emphasis on the energy created by live performance. Improvisation plays a key factor in his sound and combines with his large body of written material to create dynamic set lists incorporating both.

Devin is currently performing classical Indain sitar music and doing Kirtan with his friends performing under the name Love Chutney.


"Out of the chaos comes the the art, returning to the chaos we are all consumed. This is all I have to give. It's what I brought with me from the other side. It's the part of my life I think is worth sharing with the world. Through music all communictaion is trancended, in all it's forms the vibratory spirit is coming through. To feel so many ways, and express in everyday, This is my offering, my charred remain. Create again the rising dawn. New color and new rhythm. Resonating with frequency. Come let us remember, rejoice, and explore."

-Devin Haas